Light & Motion Atorch Gobe Sola Underwater Waterproof Scuba Dive Torch Light

Scuba Diving Torches, Photo/Video Lights and Canister Lights

Whether you are looking for an underwater torch for your next night dive adventure or a waterproof photo or video light for your underwater camera setup, you've come to the right place!

The Apollo A-Torch dive torches are our best selling torches as they are incredible value for money. For a little bit extra you can get yourself a Light & Motion Gobe torch! Switch between the different light heads and transform your wide angle dive torch into a spot beam or even a fluoro torch!

Or have a look at the Sola dive, photo or video lights or the top of the line Light Monkey canister lights for stunning performance and incredible brightness.


HIL Strobe Basic


HIL Strobe Strong


Tovatec 3600 Light


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