• Light and Motion GoBe S 1000 Wide Light

Light & Motion GoBe S 1000 Wide Torch

$259.00 $280.00


The Light and Motion GoBe S 1000 Wide Light is a great multipurpose light that can be used as an underwater torch (waterproof up til 120 metres) or for any other activity or sport on the water or on land! 

With 1000 lumen output and a 60 degree flood beam, the GoBe S1000 Wide can be described as an ultra-compact video light. Smooth and even lighting provide an optimal base for outstanding underwater videos and images. The GoBe S1000 Wide also makes for an excellent dive companion, if you just want to illuminate a very wide area.

The new Fast Charge Technology makes the GoBe always ready for your next dive. The GoBe’s light is optimised due to a custom engineered reflector, making it suitable for all your outdoor adventures, not only underwater.

The body and head of the GoBe S Wide Light are interchangeable, so if you want to use a spot beam on a different type of dive you can install one of the GoBe spot lights. GoBe light heads and bodies can be purchased separately. 


Lumen/Run Time (hrs):
High- 1000/1.5
Med- 500/3
Low- 250/12
Ext- 125/24
SOS- 250/36

Charge Time: 3 hrs
Beam Angle: 60°
Weight: 178g
Size: 48 x 48 x 126mm
Depth: To 120m

Gobe Charge Cable

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