• Light Monkey 24W Variable Focusable LED Canister Torch
  • Light Monkey 24W Variable Focusable LED Canister Torch - Head
  • Light Monkey 24W Variable Focusable LED Canister Torch - Head Top

Light Monkey 20W Variable Fixed Focus LED Canister Torch


Amps - Wattage

The 20W Light Monkey variable fixed focus canister torches are now available in 3 different amp variations: 10 Amp, 15 Amp and 20 Amp. More amps means more burn time (and also a larger canister).

With a laser tight spot beam and a beautiful fill light around the spot, it's easy to signal your buddy and see the beam through murky (silted out) waters if necessary.

The body of your Light Monkey canister torch is machined from a solid block of Delrin with the battery sealed within, ensuring accidental floods can't happen! The battery is a Lithium battery, that's environmentally friendly as it's rechargeable and has a very long cycle life. You can leave the abttery stored for several months without it losing charge!

The on switch is recessed, preventing accidental activations and the light head has a "piezo button" for the finer controls. Simply hold the button to reduce the light output or tap it to increase the light output. You can also turn the light on and off with the piezo button on the had.

The light offers 5 output levels: 2000 lumen, 1060 lumens, 460 lumens, 130 lumens and 20 lumens. The 10 amp version has 300 minutes of burn time at the highest output and takes 6 hours to recharge (if completely flat). The only difference between the amp levels is the burn time (the output is exactly the same).

Other features:

  • Battery is safe for travel (and air transport)
  • Light is negatively buoyant
  • Three year manufacturer's warranty

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