• Light Monkey 32W Variable Focusable LED Cannister Torch
  • Light Monkey 32W Variable Focusable LED Cannister Torch - Head
  • Light Monkey 32W Variable Focusable LED Cannister Torch - Head Top

Light Monkey 32W Variable Focusable (VF) LED Canister Torch


Amps - Watts

The Light Monkey 32W Variable Focusable (VF) LED canister lights are available in standard and sidemount styles in 5 different amp variations. The higher the Amps, the more burn time (and the larger the canister).

VF means Variable (multiple light outputs) and Focusable (the user can make the beam narrower or wider). 

The Light Monkey lights give the perfect tight spot, making it easy to signal with enough flood light around it. The light easilly penetrates through murky waters, making it easier to signal to a buddy in a silt-out. 

The canister bodies are machined from solid blocks of Delrin and have a sealed battery, so you can't accidently flood it. The battery is a lithium chemistry battery, which is rechargeable, environmentally friendly and has an excellent cycle life. These batteries can be stored for long periods of time (several months) without losing charge.

The on/off switch is recessed on the sidemount canister lid and protected on the standard canister lid to ensure you won't accidently turn the light on. The light head has controls to fine tune your brightness with a "piezo" button. Press and hold this button to reduce the output, tap it to increase and press and hold on the lowest britghtness setting to turn the light off or tap it to turn it back on.

The 32VF offers five light settings. Burn time is 195 minutes for the 10A version (at high, the burn time will be much higher at lower outputs). The only difference between the lights is the burn time, the light output is exactly the same.


  • 5 Brightness Levels: 4000, 2200, 1000, 160, 25 lumens
  • Battery is safe for travel (and air transport)
  • Light is negatively buoyant
  • Three year manufacturer's warranty

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