• Glo-Toob AAA Emergency Light

Glo-Toob Night Diver Reference Light LED



The Glo-Toob Night Diver Reference Light replaces the traditional glow stick and is much better for the environment! The LED light takes a standard AAA battery (included) and will last up to 30 hours! It is waterproof to 60 metres and is an essential part of any night diver's kit!

Use the reference light to mark the anchor, the entry or exit point or use it as a tank light to assign colours to buddy pairs for easy recognition underwater and better control. It's easy to spot the light from a distance, so it also helps to stay safe on the surface!

It's unbelievable tough and very small (2cm by 7.2cm) and has 3 modes: flash, 25% and 100% light output.

Available in assorted colours.

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