• Light & Motion Sola Video Light 2500F Torch
  • Light & Motion Sola Video Light 2500F Torch - Front

Light & Motion Sola Video 2500F Torch

$499.00 $549.00

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The Light & Motion Sola 2500F is a video light that provides the power of 2500 lumen directed in a flood light (60° beam pattern). You can adjust the strength of the beam to different levels to make it suitable to the circumstances on your dive and the topic you're filming or photographing. Besides different setting for the intensity on the beam there is an SOS mode as well and you can put the Light and Motion Sola 2500F Video Light in a specific travel mode so there is no chance your underwater torch will accidentally turn on while you are travelling.


Lumens (Flood 60°):
High- 2500
Med- 1000
Low- 500

Run Time (Flood):
High- 40 Min
Med- 90 Min
Low- 180 Min


Charge Time: 150 Minutes (2A)
Power: 1 Amp
Weight: 265 g
Size: 53 x 53 x 116mm

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