• Halcyon HP LED Scout (Mini) 2C

Halcyon HP LED Scout (Mini) 2C

$379.00 $426.00


The Halcyon HP LED Scout 2-cell mini back-up light is made from a solid piece of delrin, with the internal parts being made from stainless steel and the bulb cover from Lexan. The outer surface of this dive torch has a unique pattern for a better grip. The small version of this torch is about 6” (15cm) long.

Not only does this dive light have a solid construction, but it also has a powerful core with a super bright light output at 375 Lux (190 Lumen) at 15 feet (5m). HP stands for "High Performance". This refers to the new high-power LED and its enormous luminosity. The Halcyon LED Scout torch delivers a tightly focused beam of extremely visible bright white light.

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