• Light & Motion Sola Dive 2500 S/F Torch

Light & Motion Sola Dive 2500 S/F Torch

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The Light & Motion Sola Dive 2500SF is an extremely bright dive torch with a whopping output of 2500 lumens! It is a Spot/Flood torch, meaning it can be used in either flood-beam (ideal for videography or to light up a large area) or in spot-mode (ideal to look under ledges, to signal your buddy or to focus on smaller objects and critters!

The light has 3 intensity settings and has an SOS-setting, which can be used (for a long time) in case of an emergency. The light is travel friendly, as it is compact and light weight and it has a travel safe mode, to lock the light during transport.

The unit is factory sealed, which means you don't have to take the battery out to charge it. Simply plug the charger into the back of the light to charge. The battery only takes 105 minutes to charge!

The 2500SF is compatible with different Light & Motion accessories, such as a pistol grip or t-handle.

It comes complete with a zippered bag, charger and hand mount.


Lumens (Flood 60°/Spot 12°):
High- 2500 / 1200
Med- 1250 / 600
Low- 625 / 300

Run Time (Min):
High- 50
Med- 100
Low- 200

FAST Charge Time: 105 Minutes
Weight: 265 g
Size: 53 x 53 x 101mm

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