• Light and Motion Sola 2500 SF Video Light - Black

Light & Motion Sola Video 2500 S/F Torch

$699.00 $770.00

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The Sola 2500 SF is the perfect diving light for everyone who is looking for a light to help with their underwater videography or photography. The 2500 lumen light shines a white light and can be used in a flood-beam setting or spot-beam setting, giving its user multiple options depending on their needs. You can choose 3 intensity settings for the beam and has a special SOS setting that can run for a long time in case of emergencies.

The Light and Motion Sola 2500 SF Video Light a great light to bring along on your travels as well as it is a very compact, easy to use light that can easily be set in a  travel-safe travel-lockout mode to ensure you won't have any issues with it while you're in transit.

The Sola 2500 SF is a low maintenance camera. It's factory-sealed meaning you don't have to take care of any specific parts (like lubing o-rings) or changing batteries (as you simply charge the Li-Ion battery in 1.45 hours. 

This light will shut itself off if it feels it's getting too hot to prevent damage and give you a warning when the battery is running low.

The light is compatible with different accessories so you can use it as a dive light including: Hand mount, pistol grip and T-handle.

The light comes with a 12v power supply and zippered bag. 


Lumens (Flood 60°/Spot 12°):
High- 2500 / 1200
Med- 1250 / 600
Low- 625 / 300

Run Time (Min):
High- 50
Med- 100
Low- 200

FAST Charge Time: 105 Minutes
Weight: 265 g
Size: 53 x 53 x 101mm

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