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Browse Australia's largest selection of Scubapro gear online! Scubapro is the world's most iconic brand of diving hardware, especially popular for the reliability and performance of the regulator range, with flagship performers like the MK25 Evo / S600 combination and the environmentally sealed MK17 Evo / G260 combination!

Scubapro has been the go to brand in the industry, since it was founded in 1963 and is best known for its innovation and the durability of its product range. It's not uncommon for us to see divers bringing in their 30 year old Scubapro regulators in for a service (yes, the parts are still available for those!).

With new flagship products as the G2 dive computer, Hydros Pro BCD and Seawing Nova fins, Scubapro keeps outperforming the market by bleding advanced technology with beautiful sophisticated designs!


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