• Scubapro Compact SPG

Scubapro Compact SPG

$179.00 $220.00


The Compact SPG Single is Scubapro’s smallest SPG. Its brass case makes it tough and sturdy, and the rubber boot further protects it. The gauge is very accurate and reliable, exactly what you need when looking for an instrument that provides with such valuable information as remaining air pressure!

The SPG reads up to 400 bar and features the common red zone from 50 down to 0 bar. The indicator marks measure 10 bar increments. This SPG can serve either as a back-up for a transmitter, or as a primary gauge when diving with a wrist computer.

For those of you who really enjoy night or cave diving, the Compact SPG Single has a flouro coating, so when you shine a light on it, it will glow in the dark and you can easily read your remaining air supply.

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