• Scubapro A2 Dive Computer

Scubapro A2 Dive Computer

$699.00 $850.00

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The Scubapro A2 Dive Computer is a fully functional wristwatch-style dive computer, which also doubles as a daily watch with full timekeeping functions and a Sport mode. It has been designed with the demands of advanced dives and the needs of technical divers in mind.

Features include a wireless air integration that monitors tank pressure and calculates your true remaining bottom time. The smart technology can even handle multiple transmitters. You further get an integrated digital tilt-compensated 3D compass for underwater or surface navigation. The predictive Multi-Gas ZH-L16 ADT MB algorithm accommodates 8 gases (21-100% O2), plus an additional 2 in CCR mode.


  • Max Operating Depth: 120m (394ft)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Interface
  • CR2450 battery (rated for up to 2 years/300 dives)
  • Included: Protection foil, Quick Card, Arm Strap Extension, Read First

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