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Scubapro A1 Wrist Dive Computer

$550.00 $585.00


The Scubapro A1 Wrist Dive Computer is great as an entry-level model for recreational divers. It has a stylish and simple design with easy to use features with an intuitive menu and four button controls. The slim wrist-watch design allows you to wear the computer during your dives, as well as out of the water in your everyday life. The A1 offers you three dive modes (scuba, gauge, and apnea) and one sport mode (swim stroke counter and a stopwatch).

Scubapro’s A1 computer features a high-resolution matrix display with large numbers, which is easy to read, especially underwater. You can decide on the level of conservatism, depending on your experience and physical condition, by adjusting the microbubble level algorithm of the computer.

The maximum operating depth of the A1 is 120m (394ft). Its nitrox capability ranges from 21% to 100% 02. The integrated CR2450 battery is rated to last for up to 300 dives. Another great feature is the Bluetooth interface, which lets you download all your dive information to your phone (iOS or Android) or to your computer (Mac or PC).


  • Protection foil
  • Quick card
  • Arm strap extension
  • Read first

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