Scubapro Everflex Wetsuits

Diving Wetsuits

Whether you are after a tropical shorty 3mm wetsuit or a full 5mm or 7mm wetsuit for our colder waters, we've got you covered! We're absolutely in love with the craftsmanship of our Waterproof suits and the stretchiness and the quick dry lining of the new Probe iDry suits!

Our Neptune wetsuit range has increased recently, as well as the Seac Sub wetsuits, by adding the great Alien 5mm suit to their range!

The Scubapro Everflex wetsuits, which come in both a 5/4mm and a 7/5mm version, as well as their thinner Sport versions (available in 3mm and 5mm) are simply built to last! Manufactured from the best neoprene on the market, called X-Foam, these suits are warm, comfortable and strong, exactly how we like it!


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