• Enth Degree Eminence Wetsuit 7mm Womens

Enth Degree Eminence Wetsuit 7mm Womens

$629.00 $700.00


Sometimes, a 5mm wetsuit is just not warm enough for some dive sites or for many dives in one day. The Enth Degree Eminence 7mm Wetsuit for women is an appropriate option for multiple dives. The high-stretch neoprene is lined with a quick-dry thermal interior layer that keeps you exceptionally warm without adding buoyancy. The quick-dry technology makes your wetsuit dry super-fast between dives, so that you don’t have to put on a wet and cold wetsuit ever again!

The neoprene slide-through ankle and wrist seals with silicone tape and the smooth skin neck seal all prevent flushing of cold water into the suit. The rear batwing-seal further eliminates water ingress through the back zipper. Comfort is also increased by the high wear 3D print shoulder pads, which provide protection against a rubbing BCD or harness.

A suit designed to keep you warm and comfortable on all your dives! Especially its simple design, the clean lines and true fit inspired from the surfing industry make the Eminence a favourite wetsuit in the female dive community.

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