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Fourth Element Thermocline Jacket Mens

$269.00 $285.00


The Thermocline Jacket is made from super comfortable material that is easy to wear before and during your dive. It offers full upper body thermal protection, with the convenience of having a full length zip for ease to get on and off. 

Fourth Element's Thermocline range provides a revolutionary new idea, wetsuits without the neoprene but keeping the excellent thermal protection. The inner fleece layer pulls moisture away from the skin where it is then wicked through the membrane layer and evaporates from the external nylon, meaning they are super fast drying. 

It makes for an excellent option for all water activities, with super thermal properties. It is lightweight, breathable, machine washable (no more smelly wetsuits!), hypo-allergenic and neutrally buoyant. It can also be packed with your normal gear with no worries of damage to the material. 

A layer of water is trapped between the membrane and the skin and helps to prevent the flush of cold water through the suit. 

Fourth Element's Thermocline range is part of their Ocean Positive range, made from recycled ghost fishing nets, perfect for the environmentally conscious diver. 

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