• Enth Degree Eminence Wetsuit 7mm Mens

Enth Degree Eminence Wetsuit 7mm Mens

$629.00 $700.00


If a 5mm wetsuit is not thick enough for your taste or your preferred dive site is too cold, the Enth Degree Eminence Wetsuit 7mm is the right choice for you. The wetsuit is still flexible enough to be comfortable, despite the thickness, due to its high-stretch neoprene and quick-dry thermal panels.

The quick-dry technology of the Eminence Wetsuit has two advantages. Firstly, the internal layer keeps you extra warm, without added buoyancy. Secondly, the suit dries super-fast, which consequently leads to a dryer wetsuit to don for your consecutive dives.

The suit has a back-zip entry with a rear batwing seal on top of the smooth neck seal. This results in water seeping inside the wetsuit, instead of flushing in. The same is true for the wrists and ankles, which are protected by a neoprene slide-through seals with silicone tape. The seams in general are glued and blind-stitched for an even better thermal protection.

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