Dive Masks

One of the most important pieces of your dive kit and generally the first item that new divers buy is a dive mask and for good reason! If you have a comfortable dive mask with a good seal, you've taken a massive step to having a great dive!

A soft silicon makes all the different and TUSA's masks with Freedom skirts, are some of the softest masks on the market today! Their newest mask, the TUSA Freedom Elite comes in a range of different colours and has a rounded edge skirt to make it fit even better!

Don't want to worry about the sun while you're on the surface? Have a look at the TUSA Visio Pro or any of the other masks in TUSA's pro line as they have been with treated a proprietary anti-reflective (A/R) and ultraviolet (U/V) coating up to twenty layers thick to protect your eyes.


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