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Apollo Bio Metal Mask (D-Class)

$225.00 $280.00

Blue (Navy)

The Apollo Bio Metal Mask's new D-Class version is a 100cc low volume mask with a matte finish skirt, which provides a beautiful fit. The mask gives the diver a wide field of view with a unique aluminium frame!

The quality of the frame is the best in the industry, as it's hand crafted in Japan and stronger than any other mask frame. It's thinner than most plastic frames, making this super low volume design possible. The lenses sit close to your eyes in a twin lens design (again to reduce the volume) with a very slim nose bridge.

This mask is ideal for scuba, freediving (spearfishing) and snorkelling and allows hands free clearing. 

All Apollo masks are designed to provide the optimum in comfort and field of vision.

Comfort is just as important as vision. The high quality surgical silicone skirt on the Apollo Bio Metal Mask has a double feathered edge that is soft and the wide split style mask strap combine to create a perfect seal on the face.

This low volume mask has an easy-to-reach one handed nose pocket for ear equalisation which can be utilised even when wearing thick gloves. Mask comes with a protective mask box for storage.

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