• Atomic Aquatics Venom Arc Mask

Atomic Aquatics Venom Arc Dive Mask

$359.00 $430.00


The Atomic Aquatics Venom Arc Mask is a comfy, high quality mask that has all the features you need with anti reflective coating!

The Venom Arc Mask has been equipped with Atmoc Aquatics newest glass lens, the Ultraclear Schott Superwite Lens, which is the newest version of their Ultraclear lenses. Ultraclear lenses were the first lenses without any iron particles still present after it has been made (recognisable by a greenish tint). The Venom Arc is exremely clear and offers amazing vision!

The Atomic Aquatics Venom Arc Mask also comes with a double layered and coloured silicon skirt which ensures a comfortable fit that stays put.

The Venom Arc Mask is a single lens mask which improves your vision even further and is great for people experiencing pressure on the nosebridge area with other masks.

Atomic Aquatics offer a lifetime guarantee for frame breakage.

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