Scuba Diving Gauges and Compasses

Scuba Diving Gauges & Compasses

Scuba diving gauges are infinitely important during all of your dives. The submersible pressure gauge informs you about the air you have remaining in your tank. The depth gauge lets you know how deep you are diving at any given moment. Both gauges give you accurate assistance for your dive experience while under water. A third instrument, which helps you under water, is the compass. A compass can help you navigate a dive site accurately, which will make your dive more enjoyable.

Diving gauges come in various styles and you can choose it all to your liking. If you prefer a digital depth gauge, the Scubapro Digital 330 Wrist Gauge and Bottom Timer is the one to choose. Twin consoles, with both a pressure and a depth gauge, are the Scubapro Compact Twin or the very compact ODG Mini 2 Twin Console. Triple consoles are also an option, adding a compass to the top or the back of the twin console.


Halcyon Master SPG


Halcyon Stage SPG


Suunto SM36/300 SPG

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