• Scubapro MK25 EVO / G260 Regulator Combination

Scubapro MK25 EVO / G260

$919.00 $1,100.00


The Scubapro G260 coupled with the MK25 EVO, Scubapro's best first stage, is the ultimate technical diving regulator combination for both warm and cold water diving!

You can take this regulator combination on any dive, in any conditions, anywhere on this planet and you can be confident that you can rely on its excellent performance! The G260 replaced Scubapro's legendary G250 and now has a metal inlet tube, hose connector, orifice and control knob and can be both changed from left to right orientation as well, making it the ideal regulator for technical divers!

The G260 is in a nylon fiberglass casing to make it lightweight and has the largest diaphragm in the Scubapro range to give it the best breathing sensitivity!


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