• Scubapro MK2 Evo / R195 Regulator Combination

Scubapro MK2 Evo / R195

$459.00 $560.00


Scubalab's Best Buy of 2015, the Scubapro MK2 Evo R195 regulator combo combines the classic downstream piston first stage and downstream valve second stage design!

The MK2 has been the industry standard for unbalanced first stage for decades. It's an almost bullet proof first stage and the regulator of choice for dive shop rental departments all around the world, because of it's reliability and durability!

The latest MK2, the MK2 Evo, now features the Extended Thermal Insulating System (XTIS), found on all Evo models, giving you extra cold water protection as it fully insulates the inner mechanical components, boosting the cold water protection performance by a stunning 50 percent compared to the previous model!

It now has a larger piston, removable orifice (for easy maintenance when you get it serviced) and an increase airflow of 15 percent! Combined with the R195 with its pre-dive/dive switch, reversible hose routing (can be used both from the left and the right) and metal valve housing, this is a combination that is built to last.

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