• Scubapro A700 / MK19 EVO

Scubapro MK19 EVO / A700

$1,015.00 $1,260.00


An ideal regulator combo for diving in temperate conditions, the Scubapro A700/MK 19 Evo won’t disappoint! Combining Scubapro’s ultimate first stage for temperate to cold water conditions with their flagship second stage, the metal faced A700, will make for not only a streamlined look but most importantly a regulator first and second stage idea for cold water diving conditions. 

The MK19 Evo first stage is both lightweight and compact in addition to offering a system that is isolated from the environment and a dry chamber of ambient pressure. These features ensure both freezing resistance and reliable and consistent airflow while diving in even the coldest conditions. It also includes a swivel turret with easy to operate low pressure connections, which maximises both flexibility and movement while underwater. 

Designed specifically for cold water use, the A700 has a meticulously handcrafted, full metal second stage that is both compact and lightweight. In addition to having exceptional breathing performance at any depth and any temperature, it also features a diver adjustable inhalation effort and high flow exhaust valve to keep those pesky exhalation bubbles out of your face!

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