• Scubapro MK17 Evo / R195 Regulator Combo

Scubapro MK17 Evo / R195

$539.00 $720.00


The environmentally sealed MK17 Evo and the reliable light weight R195 second stage are the ideal choice for deco tank regulators or the beginning diver!

No matter how cold the waters are that you're jumping into, the MK17 Evo will do its job! Scubapro's cold water first stage has a sealed dry chamber, to prevent the first stage from freezing and free flowing. No water enters this first stage, so it is both extremely reliable as well as very durable! It has four LP high-flow ports and 2 HP ports.

The R195 can be attached with a left or a right side hose orientation, which makes it the ideal regulator for a deco tank setup. It combines a large diaphragm with a classic downstream valve and is the latest in the line of Scubapro's R-Series. It's simple and robust and is the perfect choice for beginner divers!

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