• Scubapro MK17 Evo / C370 Regulator Combination

Scubapro MK17 Evo / C370

$689.00 $815.00


The MK17 Evo / C370 is the perfect mid range Scubapro regulator combination, combining the ideal cold (or murky) water first stage with the powerful C350 second stage!

The MK17 Evo features a sealed dry ambient pressure chamber to increase freeze resistance and prevent free flowing in even the coldest conditions. It has an air balanced diaphragm for effortless breathing at any depth and tank pressure and features 4 (high-flow) LP ports and 2 HP ports.

The compact Scubapro C370 now comes with a swivel hose for extra comfort and has two adjustment knobs on the side! It has a stainless steel frame on the front cover for extra durability (and style!) and a large purge button for easy activation (even with thicker dive gloves!

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