• Scubapro Metal LP Hose Wrench / Tool

Scubapro Metal LP Hose Wrench / Tool (Updated Version)

$69.00 $100.00


This metal wrench is light weight, easy to use and designed to fit your Scubapro low pressure hoses and most models of jam nuts on the second stage regulators. It is designed so even with repeated use it should not strip or damage the finish of your hoses.

Coming with two slots, it is a good fit for both the plastic and the metal versions of the part. It features a closed hole suitable for the jam nut and a half open hole to allow you to access the hoses or the jam nut.

Technical Information

  • Light weight aluminium design
  • Featuring both a full hole and half hole for easy access wherever you may need it
  • Splined to provide a snug fit on your Scubapro hoses and jam nuts

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