• Rob Allen Scorpia Spearfishing Fins
  • Rob Allen Scorpia Spearfishing Fins

Rob Allen Scorpia Evo Spearfishing Fins

$135.00 $160.00


The Rob Allen Scorpia Evo are super durable spearfishing fins made by the legendary Rob Allen! The moulded rubber foot pockets are designed to prevent over flexing and, thus, keep your feet comfortable during your whole dive.

These fins offer you a superb transmission of leg energy to the fin blade, for powerful strokes and speed. The blades have been constructed with newly added side rails and channels for optimum water transferal and stability.

Rob Allen added its camo design to the Scorpia Spearfishing Fins. This way you don’t scare away your prey with flashing colours while spearfishing. The fins are perfectly designed for all freediving-related activities.

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