• Rob Allen Nomad Reel Gun
  • Rob Allen Nomad Reel Gun Spear
  • Rob Allen Nomad Reel Gun Trigger Mechanism

Rob Allen Nomad Reel Gun (90-130cm)

$549.00 $640.00


Rob Allen’s Spearguns have made a name for themselves on the market. The Nomad Reel Gun is a high-quality underwater hunting device, specifically suitable for harder to spear fish.

It is fitted with an RA low profile reel and 45M of Dacron line, as well as the reliable Vecta 2 handle and trigger (load tested to 400kg). Further features include the Rob Allen 7mm double notch Spring Steel Shaft and 400lb Monofilament with a snap clip joint to the Dacron reel line.

The camouflage patterned Aluminium Rail Barrel blends in nicely with the surroundings. For plenty of power, you get the RA semi-closed muzzle and a single 18mm power band for quick reloads.


  • Low profile muzzle
  • Vecta 2 trigger mechanism
  • Aircraft grade aluminium rail barrel

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