• Scubapro C370 / MK19 EVO / R095 Set (DIN)
  • Scubapro C370 / MK19 EVO / R095 Set (Yoke)
  • Scubapro C370 / MK19 EVO / R195 Set (DIN)
  • Scubapro C370 / MK19 EVO / R195 Set (Yoke)
  • Scubapro C370 / MK19 EVO / S270 Set (Yoke)
  • Scubapro C370 / MK19 EVO / S270 Set (DIN)

Scubapro Regulator Set: MK19 Evo (DIN or Yoke) / C370 / R-Series Octopus & Free Termo Gauge

$899.00 $1,510.00

Assemble and Pressure Test?

If you are particularly concerned with your ease of breathing when diving and versatility, the Scubapro C370/MK19 Evo regulator combo is the ideal set for you! 

Scubapro’s MK19 Evo first stage is lightweight, sturdy and reliable. It offers a unique system that is completely isolated from the external environment in addition to a dry chamber that maintains ambient pressure. These features are designed for cold water diving and ensure reliable and consistent airflow and enhanced freezing resistance in the iciest conditions. The easy to use swivel turret operates seamlessly with your low pressure connections enabling extra flexibility while diving. 

Scubapro designed the C370 second stage as both lightweight and incredibly versatile without sacrificing any of the quality. The C370 features a balanced valve design with an airflow control knob that enables you to adjust to your preferred inhalation effort. It also includes vibration reducing components making your dive the most comfortable it can be.

Top features:

  • Air-balanced diaphragm first stage design
  • Marine grade brass body
  • Compact second stage fiberglass reinforced nylon casing
  • Compact Hi-Flow mouthpiece


  • Scubapro MK19 First Stage
  • Scubapro C370 Second Stage
  • Scubapro R095 or R195 Octopus
  • Termo SPG
  • All hoses (including generic low pressure inflator hose)

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