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Snorkelling and Diving Gloves 

The main purpose of diving gloves is to prevent your hands and fingers from getting so cold they go numb. With warm hands you will be able to handle your gear better, even in cold waters. Depending on the temperature of the water you want to dive in, you need to choose adequate gloves.

The colder the water, the thicker your gloves should be. Dive gloves range from 0.5mm (Probe Insulator 0.5mm Dive Gloves) to as thick as 7mm (Waterproof G1 3-Finger Semidry 7mm Dive Gloves). The next step would be a dryglove, such as the Waterproof Latex Dryglove HD Dive Gloves. Obviously, the thicker the gloves, the more they limit your ability to move.

In temperate waters, you may only need thin gloves to protect your skin from aquatic life. The Scubapro D-Flex 2mm Dive Gloves will be sufficient in many warmer water environments. The Probe iDry Gloves are perfect for providing warmth and a comfortable feel, while being quick drying, thin and flexible.

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