• Enth Degree F3 Gloves

Enth Degree F3 Gloves

$39.00 $55.00


The Enth Degree Fernotherm3 (F3) gloves provide advanced thermal protection with the super comfortable four way stretch that give your fingers all the flexibility you need for water sports. Neoprene wrist seals prevent water circulating and chilling your hands and the water resistant coating creates faster water run off for surface sports!

Enth Degree gloves keep your hand warm and comfy, without compromising on dexterity!


  • Neoprene seals for added warmth
  • Water repellent treated Femotherm3 tri-laminate, for wind chill protection and fast water run off
  • UV 50+ protection for fun in the sun
  • 4-way stretch technology for total flexibility

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