We are all super careful with our scuba diving equipment, because we know how much it is worth and how much we depend on it underwater. If you had your regulator set for quite some time now, apart from getting it checked regularly, you might want to think about switching out one or the other hose, or maybe just about getting a back-up for your spare dive gear.

We offer you various hoses in varying lengths for different setups and dive goals. Our High Pressure (HP) hoses can be used for SPGs and other gauges, tech diving, sidemount diving or to connect your transmitter. Available lengths for our HP hoses include 15cm (6"), 20cm (8"), 60cm (24"), and 80cm (32").

Our Low Pressure (LP) hoses range from BCD inflator hoses to both primary and secondary regulator hoses in black, occy yellow or Nitrox green. Choose between a rubber and braided PE-fibre exterior. The LP Hoses are available in the following lengths: 56cm (22"), 68cm (27"), 91cm (36"), 100cm (40"), 153cm (5ft), and 210cm (7ft).

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