Freediving Masks

Spearfishing and Freediving Masks

Freediving & Spearfishing Masks

If you are a frequent freediver or if you enjoy spearfishing, you know that some masks are more comfortable during freediving than others. When it comes to choosing a mask for freediving, you want to make sure it has a low volume air pocket, so you don't need much air to equalize your mask. You can choose between a clear and a black silicone, although most freedivers prefer the dark silicone that protects them from the sun’s glare at the surface.

Check out the Apollo Sting Mask, which has a very low profile. It can be used for scuba diving, snorkelling or freediving/spearfishing. Also have a look at the ODG Hunter Mask, which is specifically designed for easy clearing or the semi-frameless SEAC Sub L70 Dive mask with a low volume.

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