Dive Knives and Cutting Devices


You don’t always plan to cut, saw or slice anything underwater on your adventure dives. But it can always happen that you or part of your gear gets entangled in something unexpectedly or you find some old fishing line that you wish to remove from the beautiful coral. Therefore, it is always recommendable to take a dive knife or another cutting device on your dives. You may not always need it, but it is definitely better to have and don’t need it than to need it and not have one!

We offer you a selection of different knives and cutting devices. Which one is the best for you personally depends on various factors. If you want it as a back-up device for ‘just-in-case’, usually a smaller knife, like e.g. the Scubapro White Tip, is the right choice. If you purposely want to take a knife with you to saw through thick ropes, then you will want to take a larger knife, like e.g. Apollo’s Ocean Design SQR HRC36 Titanium Dive Knife.

Make sure to be safe on all your dives!

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