• TUSA FK940Ti Titanium Dive Knife

TUSA FK940Ti Titanium Dive Knife

$159.00 $220.00


For ultimate cutting and sawing strength, the TUSA FK940Ti Dive Knife is made from 6-4Ti highly corrosion resistant titanium. It is a great all-round talent with a conventional blade, a serrated edge, a line cutter and a drop point tip.

The TUSA FK940Ti Titanium Dive Knife features a specifically designed ergonomic grip with counterweight, for superior comfort. It further features an easy-to-adjust buckle and strap, which you can use to comfortably attach the knife to your arm or leg. Easily unbuckle the knife with the single button sheath lock release.

The FK940Ti can be disassembled, so you can clean and maintain it. Make sure to take care of your equipment, so it can join you on many dives to come and keep you safe.


  • Blade length: 11cm
  • Overall length: 25cm
  • Ti-6Al-4V titanium
  • Drop point tip

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