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Diving Bags

Getting ready for an adventure? Pack your dive bags and travel all over the world in style with any of the bags in our Scubapro, TUSA, Cressi and SEAC Sub range!

Even if you're just transporting your gear from your home to the dive site and back, a dive gear bag is a must! The Cressi Gorilla and SEAC Sub U Boot bags are two of our favourite diving bags as they're completely waterproof, incredibly strong and can double as a wash tub as well (simply fill the bag up with water and wash your gear in the bag, pull the plug when you're done and hang the bag upside down to dry).

If you're into cray fishing, we've also got you covered with the unbreakable Apollo catch bags or for overseas travel, make sure you check out the Scubapro Caravan Bag!


Scubapro Cabin Bag


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