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UK SL4 eLED MK2 Torch (600 Lumen)

$149.00 $180.00


Underwater Kinetics has produced a piece of scuba diving history with the SL4 Torch. Now introducing the SL4 eLED MK2 Dive Light, with an output of 600 lumen! The high intensity white LED will provide you with light for many hours of diving, while the batteries last you for 6 whole hours.

The UK SL4 eLED MK2 Torch produces a bright spot beam, penetrating even through super murky waters. It is a must-have for every diver. It fits easily into the pocket of your BCD, so there is no reason not to carry it with you on every dive.


  • 600 lumen output
  • Can be used in and out of the water
  • Polymer construction, which makes it impervious to seawater

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