• Tusa RS-790

Tusa RS-790

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The RS-790 delivers performance, durability and comfort making it the ideal choice for discerning divers.

The R-700 is a balanced diaphragm first stage designed for cold-water use, it features a dry ambient pressure chamber that prevents water contact with the diaphragm maximizing performance in temperate water conditions below 50°F/10°C.  Additionally, the R-700 has an external rib section that nearly doubles the surface area for thermal exchange further reducing ice formaton that can lead to freeze up in extreme conditions.  The R-700 has two high pressure ports and four low pressure ports including two high flow (HF) that deliver up to a 15% increase in air flow.  It is available in both INT (yoke) and DIN versions.

The S-90 second stage is a compact pneumatically balanced system that features a composite housing which insulates and protects under extreme cold-water conditions.  The S-90 is equipped with a built-in venturi adjustment lever allowing the diver to select a surface or minimum setting reducing possible free flow or a dive setting for maximum air flow during the dive.


First stage (R-700) 
- Balanced diaphragm first stage with anti-freeze system
- Dry ambient pressure chamber ideal for temperatures below 50°F/10°C
- Ribbed section to increase heat transfer and resist freezing
- Two H.P. ports and Four L.P. (2 standard/2 high flow) ports
- High flow L.P. ports offer up to 15% increase in air flow
- DIN version available as RS-790 DIN (300bar/4350psi)

Second stage (S-90)
- Lightweight, compact composite case design
- Pneumatically balanced system
- Venturi adjustment lever
- Ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece

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