• TUSA RS-681 Regulator Set: R-600 Yoke / S-81 / SS0001 Octopus & Free Termo Gauge
  • TUSA RS-681 Regulator Set: R-600 Yoke / S-81 / SS0001 Octopus & Twin Gauge

TUSA RS-681 Regulator Set: R-600 / S-81 / SS0001 Octopus & Free Termo Gauge

$899.00 $1,140.00

Assemble and Pressure Test

TUSA’s RS-681 Regulator set features the ultra-compact R-600 first stage and the extremely comfortable S-81 second stage. Together with the SS0001 Octopus and free termo gauge, this reg set is all ready to come along on your next dive adventure.

The R-600 is extremely compact and, thus, lightweight (only 630g), which makes it the ultimate travel companion. It provides 2 high and 4 low pressure ports, for your personalised and most comfortable house routing. The first stage can be upgraded with the EK-600 cold water kit for temperatures below 10°C.

The S-81 second stage offers you TUSA’s Sequential Exhaust Assist (S.E.A.), which is a dual exhaust system consisting of an enlarged primary and an auxiliary exhaust. The S.E.A. significantly decreases exhalation effort and consequently increases overall ease of breathing. The S-81 further features a venturi adjustment lever and breathing resistance adjustment control, so you can tune your regulator according to your preferences.

The SS0001 Octopus included in this combo is lightweight and has a compact composite case design. It allows for both left and right hand configuration. You can also upgrade from a single SPG to a Twin Gauge, SPG + depth gauge.

Top features:

  • Ultra-compact balanced diaphragm first stage
  • 2 HP and 4 LP ports
  • Sequential Exhaust Assist technology (S.E.A.)


  • TUSA R-600 Yoke First Stage
  • TUSA S-81 Second Stage
  • TUSA SS0001 Octopus
  • SPG / Twin Gauge (+$39)
  • Full hose kit

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