• Sea & Sea YS-03 Solis Strobe Package
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Sea & Sea YS-03 Solis Strobe Package

$549.00 $659.00


The YS-03 Solis Universal Lighting System by Sea & Sea includes everything you need to combine the YS-03 Solis with most compact camera/housing combos: the YS-03 Solis Strobe, the flexible grip280, the single TrayX and the Fiber-Optic Cable II M/2 Connectors.

Strobes are the best means to taking beautiful underwater images. With the Sea & Sea YS-03 Solis Strobe Package, you can immediately start documenting your adventure. The strobe basically freezes moving subjects underwater, which makes capturing wildlife a lot easier.

The automatic exposure system (TTL) makes sure to give you the correct amount of light for perfect exposure. Subtle adjustments can still be made using the strobe’s exposure compensation function. It is super easy to use with minimal controls, e.g., switching the strobe on, only requires putting it from OFF to TTL.


  • Beam Angle: 100° x 100°
  • Depth rating: 75m (250ft)
  • Dimensions: 68x108x129mm (2.7x4.3x5.2”)
  • Weight: 430g (15.2oz)


  • YS-03 Solis Strobe
  • Flex Arm: Flexible grip280X
  • Tray: Single TrayX
  • Fiber-Optic Cable II (M/2)

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