• Scubapro/Uwatec Battery Kit: Post-1995 Aladin/Tec Models

Scubapro/Uwatec Battery Kit: Post 1995 Aladin/Tec Models

$25.00 $35.00


Full battery kit for the Scubapro and Uwatec Aladin models made after 1995. The kit consists of a CR2450 battery and an o-ring.

This kit can be used for the following dive computer models:
  • Aladin 2G
  • Aladin One
  • Aladin One (2nd Gen)
  • Aladin Prime
  • Aladin Sport (2nd Gen)
  • Aladin Tec 3G (2nd Gen)
  • Tec
  • Tec 2G
  • Subgear XP-10
  • Subgear XP-H
  • Subgear XP-3G
  • Subgear XP-3H

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