• Scubapro Spectra Snorkel

Scubapro Spectra Snorkel

$39.00 $49.00


The Scubapro Spectra Snorkel combines good quality with perfect looks. It's available in all beautiful colours that the Scubapro Spectra Mask is available in, which makes it easy to put a set together.

The Scubapro Spectra Snorkel has an easy purge system at the bottom of the snorkel, which means you don't need a lot of breath or power to clear water all the way out of the top of your snorkel. The top of the snorkel has been designed with a semi-dry top to prevent water from entering your snorkel, while the design of the tube ensures easy breathing. The joint of the snorkel (between the mouthpiece and the tube) has been designed in such a way that it will drop down when not in use, and it won't be in your way at all. 

The Scubapro Spectra Snorkel is available in Black/Yellow, Black/Silver, Blue, Red, Black/Orange and White.

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