• Scubapro SMB 3.5ft
  • Scubapro SMB 3.5ft Front and Back

Scubapro SMB 3.5ft

$115.00 $145.00


Are you looking for a compact surface marker buoy to ensure safety and visibility on your dives? Scubapro offers a great solution – the Scubapro 3.5ft SMB. This SMB folds into a small bundle for easy storage while diving and deploys rapidly once back on the surface. This product is made from 210D nylon, which is extremely durable, as well as HF welded seams. This makes sure your SMB will stand the test of time and endure regular submersion in salt or fresh water.

Features include:

  • 42mm exhaust valve
  • Metal inflator
  • Sealed bottom of SMB
  • Stainless steel bungee loop and D-ring on bottom, plastic D-ring on top for torch or lighting
  • Colour availability: orange only
  • Size: 104cm x 16cm

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