• Scubapro S600 Octopus

Scubapro S600 Octopus

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The Scubapro S600 Octopus is top of the line and full of versatility. Suitable for almost any circumstance, it can meet the divers' needs and provides the highest safety standards when under pressure. The housing is constructed from chrome-plated brass and techno-polymer. The S600 Octopus has a linear air-balancing valve and a top notch air-balancing system. In addition to the high level of safety it provides, the S600 Octopus also offers super smooth airflow making breathing during a potential out-of-air situation as simple and effortless as well, breathing in and out! 

The S600 Octopus air balanced high performance second stage is the best octopus on the market. The balanced flow valve provides constant and effortless air flow. The regulator features a diver adjustable inhalation control that enables them to adjust their breathing effort if desired. It is equipped with a diver-adjustable inhalation knob to fine tune breathing resistance in addition to a diver-adjustable Venturi-Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA) dive/pre-dive control switch and an extra high flow exhaust valve account for easy inhale and exhale.

The S600 Octopus also comes with a comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece, which is included on every second stage to reduce jaw fatigue and gum irritation. This was developed by dentists and dental laboratories and is proven to last longer than any other mouthpiece because of the minimal effort needed to hold it comfortably in place. The S600 Octopus weighs 193g, comes with Scubapro's 3/8" threaded Super Flow Hose and is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Technical Information

  • SCUBAPRO's Top Performer Octopus
  • Unparalleled Breathing Performance
  • Decreased Inhalation Resistance
  • Diver-Adjustable Inhalation
  • Diver-Adjustable Venturi-Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA)
  • Materials: Marine-Grade Chromed Brass & Techno-Polymers
  • High Comfort Orthodontic Mouthpiece
  • Weight: 6.8 oz (193g)
  • Includes Super Flow LP Hose

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