• Scubapro S620 / MK19 EVO / R095 Set (DIN)
  • Scubapro S620 / MK19 EVO / R095 Set (Yoke)
  • Scubapro S620 / MK19 EVO / R195 (Yoke)
  • Scubapro S620 / MK19 EVO / R195 (DIN)
  • Scubapro S620 MK19 Evo S270 Set Yoke
  • Scubapro S620 MK19 Evo S270 Set DIN
  • Scubapro S620 / MK19 EVO / S600 Set (DIN)
  • Scubapro S620 / MK19 EVO / S600 Set (DIN)

Scubapro Regulator Set: MK19 Evo (DIN or Yoke) / S620 Ti / Octopus & Free Termo Gauge

$1,149.00 $1,510.00

Assemble and Pressure Test?

If you love Scubapro’s S600, then you’re going to fall head over heels for the S620Ti/MK19 Evo combo! It pairs an upgraded version of the dive brand’s top of the line second stage with their compact and super reliable first stage. 

The S620Ti second stage embraces all of the robust features of its predecessor with an updated, streamlined design. It’s both smaller and lighter than the renowned S600 but retains the same sized diaphragm and provides effortless breathing under any diving circumstance. In fact, breathing resistance has been reduced by 37%! The use of a titanium inlet tube system means the housing is extra lightweight and a large purge button facilitates better water circulation. On top of it all, the new exhaust tee both increases the overall performance of the regulator while keeping those air bubbles out of your face. 

When combined with Scubapro’s sturdy, compact and versatile MK19 Evo, you have nothing short of a winning combo. The popular environmentally sealed, air balanced system is a top choice for both technical and recreational divers alike. The unique design ensures peak performance in any conditions and includes a dry ambient pressure chamber with 5 High Flow Low Pressure Ports on a swiveling turret making it ideal for those who are using sidemount and twin tank set ups!

Top features:

  • Excellent freezing resistance
  • Immediate delivery of air on demand
  • Scubapro’s Extended Thermal Insulating System
  • Rugged full titanium barrel for long-term reliability


  • Scubapro MK19 Evo First Stage
  • Scubapro S620Ti Second Stage
  • Scubapro R095, R195 or S600 Octopus
  • Termo SPG
  • All hoses (including generic low pressure inflator hose)

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