• Scubapro Oneflex Steamer 7mm Front Zip Womens

Scubapro Oneflex Steamer 7mm Front Zip Womens

$349.00 $450.00


The Scubapro Oneflex Steamer (7mm) Women’s wetsuit is an excellent suit for those wanting functionality and warmth. Scubapro has implemented a range of handy features which allow this wetsuit to be flexible, durable and protective.

The X-Foam neoprene and nylon lining have made this wetsuit stretchy and strong simultaneously. This means that you’ll still be comfortable, even with the thick neoprene. We all know how uncomfortable it can be with a heavy neoprene suit, so Scubapro has maximised mobility and flexibility in their design. The Oneflex Steamer also features anti-abrasion materials on the high-use areas, and heavy-duty kneepads to avoid deterioration.

This suit is used by many dive centres, dive boats, clubs and schools as their main rental suits and has the sizing displayed on the sleeves to easily identify the size.

The suit comes in a stylish, all black colour scheme, with conveniently colour-coded size indicators. The front zip is an excellent feature, which allows divers to independently remove and close their wetsuit.

This product comes in a broad range of sizes, and in male and female designs.

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