• Scubapro Nova 250 Torch

Scubapro Nova 250 Torch

$85.00 $100.00


With the Scubapro Nova 250, you get a strong dive torch in a super compact design. It will be able to fit into the smallest BCD pocket! A great size for a back-up light giving you a 250 lumen output. It is also great for day-time diving to look into crevices and under rocks.

The Scubapro Nova 250 dive torch features a rugged aluminum body with a matte black finish and blue highlights. You get three modes: full power on 100%, half power on 50% and a flash mode. Another great feature is the overpressure valve to release battery of-gassing, making this a super safe dive light.


  • Cree XPG LED
  • Powered by one CR123A battery
  • Three modes: 100% power, 50% power and flash
  • Measures: 100x26mm (70g)
  • Depth rating of 150m
  • Can be fitted to your mask

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