• Scubapro MK25T Evo / S620 Titanium

Scubapro MK25T Evo / S620 Titanium

$2,299.00 $2,750.00


The beautiful Scubapro MK25T Evo / S620 Ti is Scubapro's latest upgrade from it's previous flagship regulators, the MK25T Evo/S600T.

It is the absolute best regulator on the market today and combines ultra light weight, with bullet proof characteristics, while promising the best corrosion resistance!

The MK25T Evo has been constructed from a solid block of titanium. This first stage will not corrode, no matter what you put it through. It is 11 ounces lighter than the MK25 Evo (non-titanium version) and is the regulator of choice for military divers worldwide.

It has all the features of a standard MK25 Evo (balanced piston design for effortless breathing, anti-freeze XTIS system and swivel turret with 5 low pressure ports) and an external pressure adjustment function that allows service technicians to tune the regulator without having to disassemble it!

Combine that tiwh the S620 Ti, which is an upgraded version of the world famous S600. With new state-of-the-art design, this regulator is smaller and lighter than its predecessor but utilises the same sized diaphragm, resulting in a reduction of 37% work of breathing and effortless airflow under all diving conditions. With an ultra light barrel and large button, this regulator is an absolute winner for all water temperatues.

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