• Scubapro MK19 Evo / D420

Scubapro MK19 Evo / D420

$999.00 $1,400.00


This is a great base to build on for your regulator set. This combo offers you the Scubapro MK19 Evo first stage, together with the D420 second stage primary regulator. The MK19 EVO / D420 is a regulator specifically designed for the new generations of divers and for Scubapro brand enthusiasts around the world.

The new, compact and light MK19 EVO is the ultimate first stage for cold or contaminated water diving conditions! It offers a system that is isolated from the environment and a dry chamber of ambient pressure. Overall, freezing resistance is enhanced, while a reliable and consistent airflow in the coldest conditions is ensured. It further features a rotating swivel turret with easy to operate LP connections, maximising your flexibility in both setup and underwater movement.

The D420 obtained the CE certification, according to the latest European standard EN250A for all diving conditions, including cold water. Inhalation and exhalation efforts are minimal. It feels like breathing on the surface, with the D420’s air-balanced progressive flow control valve. Further features include a reversible hose attachment and a uniquely shaped nylon housing with glass fibre reinforcement.

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